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The Seven Best Cities in the United States for Pizza

    The Seven Best Cities in the United States for Pizza

    1. Tempt your tastebuds in the pizza-loving city of Boston, Massachusetts

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    Even while pizza in Boston does not share a common tradition or style, there are a few truly talented artists working in the field. Both Regina’s and Santarpio’s are widely considered to be among the best pizza restaurants in the city, however, opinions vary widely over which is the superior establishment. Since its founding in 1926, Regina’s has been a thriving business in the city.

    Today, it is considered an iconic North End landmark. This results in lengthy lines as well as a rapid turnover rate, but the superb, crunchy, and cheesy pizza that is served is more than worth the wait. Santarpio’s is tucked away in the eastern part of town and serves pizza that has been steadily gaining a name on a global scale. It is less of a tourist trap than other restaurants in the area. In all seriousness, you should give both a shot and make your own choice.

    2. A strong Italian heritage gives rise to several superb pizzerias in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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    Philadelphia is home to the second-largest Italian-American community in the United States and is well-known for the large Italian market that can be found in the city’s southern neighborhood. It should therefore not come as a surprise that it is also home to a number of excellent pizza restaurants.

    Stogie Joe’s, which provides square pizza with cheese buried beneath a tangy sauce; Tacconelli’s, which has its thin crust, great tomato sauce, and a light sprinkle of cheese; and Osteria, which serves puffy-crusted pizza in a more formal restaurant setting. These are just some of the best pizza places in the city.

    3. Sample the upcoming and inventive pizza culture of Providence, Rhode Island

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    Over the past few decades, the city of Providence, which serves as the capital of Rhode Island, has emerged from the gloom of its post-industrial era to become an ideal destination for culinary lovers. As a part of this shift, a fantastic pizza culture has been growing, with a range of new variations on the ways that have traditionally been used.

    The authentic Italian restaurant Al Forno is renowned across the city for the exceptional grilled pizzas that it provides as a starter. The pizzas at Providence Coal-Fired Pizza are baked in a coal oven that reaches far higher temperatures than the traditional wood-fired method, which imparts a smokey flavor to the finished product.

    The restaurant also offers a variety of more indulgent toppings, such as meatballs, on its pies. And Bob & Timmy’s Grilled Pizza is a candidate for the title of Providence’s best pizza restaurant despite its modest size and quirky atmosphere. This pizza joint grills its pies over a wood fire and serves a variety of unconventional toppings.

    4. Experience deep-pan and thin-crust excellence in Chicago, Illinois

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    Chicago is the city that most significantly differentiates pizza made in the American manner from pizza made in Italy. In contrast to the thin crust and delicately flavored pizza of Naples, this city is famous for its deep-dish, thick-crust pizza that is piled high with toppings and cheese. This pizza seems to be a somewhat symbolic representation of the American tendency to overindulge.

    On the other hand, this hearty innovation has the potential to be outstanding, particularly on a blustery night in Chicago. And the city’s culture of pizza extends well beyond the deep-pan style with which it is most commonly associated: places such as the exceptional Spacca Napoli serve exclusively classic Italian thin-crust pizza. Pequod’s Pizza is possibly the greatest spot in town to sample deep-pan Chicago-style pizza, and they serve a wide variety of both thin-crust and deep-dish pizzas.

    5. Feast in a small American city renowned for its pizza culture, New Haven, Connecticut

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    Any pizza aficionado from within the United States will be able to attest to the fact that New Haven has garnered a reputation for producing pizza of world-class quality by developing its own unique spin on the Neapolitan style. The majority of the credit for this goes to Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria, a Neapolitan pizza restaurant that serves a pizza with a minimal ingredient list that consists of a broad and thin crust, tomato sauce, oregano, and a small amount of grated pecorino romano cheese.

    This base is used to make the infamous white clam pizza that Frank makes, and it is topped with garlic and white clams. However, such acclaim for Frank’s won’t sit well with Sally’s Apizza, which, ever since it first opened its doors in 1938, has maintained its position as the most acclaimed pizza parlor in the city. The customary topping for each of Sally’s enormous pizzas is mozzarella.

    6. Eat at some of America’s most long-established pizzerias in and around Trenton, New Jersey

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    If you go a little farther south of New York, you’ll find another city that has a scattering of excellent pizzerias that are finished with a certain old-world elegance. This city is called Brooklyn. It is likely that Papa’s Tomato Pies located a few miles away in the nearby town of Robbinsville and claiming to be the oldest family-run pizzeria in the United States, holds the title of “king of pizza” in Trenton and the surrounding area. Given that it has been operating continuously since 1912, it most likely is.

    You may also pay a visit to De Lorenzo’s in Robbinsville while you’re there. This Trenton institution has earned a name for itself on a national scale, and it has only lately expanded its operations to Robbinsville. Massimo’s Pizza is the newest competitor, and it has outlets in both Trenton and Robbinsville. They make absolutely flawless Neapolitan pizzas with instantly recognizable puffy dough.

    7. New York City is pizza’s original home in America

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    If Naples is considered the origin of pizza on a global scale, then New York City is the equivalent in the United States. In 1905, Gennaro Lombardi submitted an application for a license to sell pizza from his store on Spring Street in New York City. This was the first time pizza was sold in the United States.

    There are numerous excellent pizza restaurants in New York City, which is still considered the cultural epicenter of pizza in the United States. Pizza with a genuine Italian thin crust that is expertly cooked and consistently wins honors can be found at Di Fara. Spumoni Gardens, located in Brooklyn, provides pizza that is less traditional than others, in that it is rectangular and has cheese placed below the sauce.

    Despite this, the restaurant has amassed a devoted fan base. And Roberta’s in Bushwick is famous for its margheritas, which are both straightforward and exquisite. Participating in a food tour is a fun and intriguing way to get a taste of the New York City pizza scene. A Slice of Brooklyn is consistently rated extremely well by its customers and is known for providing frequent tours of the top pizza joints in Brooklyn.

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