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New England’s 6 Most Iconic Sandwiches

    New England's 6 Most Iconic Sandwiches

    1. Baked Bean Sandwich

    New England's 6 Most Iconic Sandwiches

    Saturday nights in New England have long been reserved for the consumption of baked beans, and many residents will attest to the fact that this custom will be upheld for the foreseeable future. Having said that, if you ever find that you are getting tired of eating the same old beans and hot dogs for dinner one night, all you have to do is take those beans, lay them in the middle of two pieces of bread, and voila! you have a new and exciting meal! You have in your possession a sandwich that was created with baked beans.

    Making a baked bean sandwich, which is something that can be had at any time of the day, is one of the best ways to utilize any leftover beans from the weekend’s evening meal. This is because baked bean sandwiches can be eaten at any time of the day. Some people like to keep to using white bread, but Boston brown bread is another fantastic choice that will give the sandwich even more flavor (and perhaps increase its structural integrity just a little bit, as well). There are some individuals who like to stick to using white bread.

    2. Clam Roll

    New England's 6 Most Iconic Sandwiches

    The clam roll’s reputation for being less popular than the lobster roll is unwarranted; yet, the clam roll is usually regarded to be less popular than its close relative, the lobster roll, which is often considered to be more popular. This uncomplicated sandwich is often made with fried clams that are covered with tartar or cocktail sauce and served in between two pieces of roll made of white bread or, even better, a genuine New England hot dog bun.

    In New England, fried clams are a popular dish, and in addition to being scrumptious when eaten on their own, they are also an interesting ingredient that can be used to enhance the texture and flavor profile of sandwiches. The most disputed component of the clam roll is the choice of whether to use clam bellies or clam strips (made famous by Howard Johnson’s), but if you ask us, either one makes for a fantastic lunch in the end. The choice of whether to use clam strips or clam bellies is the most contentious aspect of the clam roll.

    3. Chow Mein Sandwich

    New England's 6 Most Iconic Sandwiches

    When compared to the vast majority of the other sandwiches that are featured on this list, the chow mein sandwich stands out as being one of the more peculiar options available. The chow mein sandwich is one of those dishes that, when hearing about it, causes one to pause and think, “Wait… seriously?” before being added to one’s list of things to try before dying. Its origin may be traced back to Fall River, which is located in the state of Massachusetts.

    A sauce that is similar to gravy is used as the binder for the sandwich, which includes all of the classic components of chow mein, such as noodles, beef, onions, and celery. The sauce has a similar consistency to gravy. When this combination is served, it is not uncommon for the noodles to spill over onto the plate; hence, it is highly recommended that a fork be kept nearby at all times. This combination is served within a hamburger bun; however, the term “within” is employed in a meaning that is not quite precise in this context.

    4. Lobster Roll

    New England's 6 Most Iconic Sandwiches

    Many New Englanders, especially Yankees, have a soft spot in their hearts for the lobster roll, which is widely acknowledged as being the most well-known sandwich to have first appeared in New England. According to the most ardent lobstermen, there are only two components that must be present in order for something to be considered a “proper” lobster roll: the lobster and the roll.

    You have nothing to worry about if, on a personal level, you enjoy a few additional dressings on your sandwich; all around New England, you’ll find a variety of sandwich preparations that all taste fantastic in their own distinctive way. Some recipes for lobster rolls call for the use of celery, lettuce, and mayonnaise, while other recipes call for the lobster to be marinated in warm butter alone.

    Whether you like your lobster rolls cold, hot, plain, or seasoned, a homemade lobster roll paired with a bag of crispy potato chips makes for the ultimate summer meal on the seacoast of New England. This is true regardless of how you want your lobster rolls prepared: whether you like them cold, hot, plain, or seasoned.

    5. Fluffernutter

    New England's 6 Most Iconic Sandwiches

    There isn’t a shred of doubt in anyone’s mind that the Fluffernutter will be one of the most well-liked and cherished New England sandwiches in people’s memories for many decades to come. What could possibly be more satisfying than two pieces of Wonder bread covered with peanut butter and marshmallows that are luscious and smooth all throughout? What exactly is it that you don’t like about it?

    Fluffernutter sandwiches have been a lunchtime favorite among New Englanders of all ages for a number of decades due to the convenience with which they may be prepared and the unrivaled flavor they provide. This is owing to the fact that its ease of use is nearly unparalleled by anything else available.

    The New England area is credited with the invention of marshmallow fluff, which is a vital component of any Fluffernutter that lives up to its namesake. It was first manufactured by two candy manufacturers just outside of Boston in the early 1900s, and ever since that time, it has been a mainstay across the entirety of New England.

    6. Italian Sandwich

    New England's 6 Most Iconic Sandwiches

    What the majority of us in the United States would refer to as a sub or grinder is reinterpreted as an Italian Sandwich in Portland, Maine. The city is located in the state of Maine. The toppings traditionally used in Maine Italian dishes include diced onion, sour pickles, tomatoes, green peppers, and black olives.

    American cheese and ham are also common ingredients in Maine Italian dishes. What else is there to say? First, a substantial amount of olive oil, then a heavy hand with the salt and pepper shakers. Amato’s, which is now a chain of restaurants, is credited with inventing the Maine Italian Sandwich and honing its craft there. This theory is widely acknowledged to be true.

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