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Best Collection Of Must-Try French Sandwiches While Traveling

    Best Collection Of Must-Try French Sandwiches While Traveling

    1. Jambon Beurre (Ham And Butter Sandwiches)

    Best Collection Of Must-Try French Sandwiches While Traveling

    The dish known as “Jambon Beurre” is considered to be the pinnacle of simplicity in French cuisine. This is due to the fact that it requires very few components, which enables the cook to concentrate on the overall quality of the dish. Not to mention that sandwiches are currently riding the wave of popularity across the nation, with more than three million being consumed every single day.

    To explain it more simply, a Jambon Beurre is a ham and butter sandwich that is made with a baguette. A baguette is cut in half lengthwise through the middle, and then thin slices of ham are layered on top of the butter before being topped with another layer of thin ham slices. The preparation for this dish could not be simpler. And that’s it!

    It is incredible how two things that don’t seem to have much going for them can produce such miraculous results. After you have gathered all of the ingredients, which are of the greatest quality, you will only need five minutes to prepare a dinner that is appropriate for a café in Paris.

    Because it is such a straightforward sandwich to pack and transport, the Jambon Beurre is an excellent choice for picnics and potlucks. In addition to that, it is a wonderful option for breakfast on the run!

    2. Croque Monsieur (Ham And Cheese Sandwiches)

    Best Collection Of Must-Try French Sandwiches While Traveling

    The Croque Monsieur is a traditional French sandwich served for lunch that consists of toasted ham and creamy cheese that is covered with a Béchamel sauce, which is a traditional sauce in French cuisine, as well as a spread of Dijon mustard. This ham and cheese sandwich is beloved by people eating brunch all around the world.

    The word “Croque” comes from the French verb “croquer,” which means “to crush,” and “Monsieur” translates as “Mister.” Both of these terms come from the French language. The name of the recipe, when taken as a whole, is a reference to a gentleman’s sandwich. Yet, it is not just for gentlemen. Everyone can take part in it!

    It is not known where the dish first appeared. According to one legend, its origin can be traced back to an accident that occurred when French workers accidentally left their lunch boxes too close to a radiator that was too hot.

    The story goes that a Parisian cafe owner was forced to improvise after he ran out of baguettes, which is unimaginable in France! According to this version of the narrative, the croissant was born out of necessity.

    Whether it was an accident or the invention of a shrewd French chef, Croque Monsieur is undeniably a one-of-a-kind delicacy that, after being consumed, is capable of causing someone to feel teary-eyed out of pure passion.

    3. Croque Madame (Ham And Cheese Sandwiches With Fried Eggs)

    Best Collection Of Must-Try French Sandwiches While Traveling

    If you adore Croque Monsieur, prepare yourself for its feminine version named Croque Madame. This is a traditional French recipe for a dish called Croque Monsieur, which is topped with a fried egg served sunny-side up and is already rather delicious.

    The French breakfast meal is made more substantial by the inclusion of an egg that has been cooked. When you cut into the egg and see the golden yolk run down the luxurious sandwich, there is a certain sense of satisfaction and enchantment that comes with the experience. Does the thought of that scene make your mouth water?

    In point of fact, there is no more indulgent sandwich than a Croque Madame, which is loaded with cheese and covered in béchamel sauce. To create the experience of eating in Paris, serve this gourmet sandwich alongside a bowl of French onion soup and a small green salad, just as you would with a Croque Monsieur.

    4. Meatless Merguez Frites Sausage Sandwiches

    Best Collection Of Must-Try French Sandwiches While Traveling

    The Merguez Frites Sausage Sandwich was on the menu of every food shop that I came across in France when I was there. It is entirely possible for you to produce this wonderful dish in your own kitchen and bring the experience of a trip to Paris into your own living room.

    This recipe for Merguez Frites, a popular street food item, exemplifies the ubiquitous influence that North African cuisine has had on French cuisine. The use of a spicy lamb sausage that originates in North Africa is solid proof.

    This recipe calls for the traditional Merguez sausage to have a minor modification made to it. Your initial mouthful will still showcase all of the classic components, such as cumin, harissa, fennel, coriander, and paprika; however, the juicy flavor of lamb will be substituted with the taste of plant-based meat.

    To finish off this dish, all you need to do is pack this sausage, which has been seasoned with cumin, into several sandwiches and serve it with fries. It is a clever decision to serve these Merguez Frites Sausage sandwiches with a yogurt sauce that has a garlicky flavor and a crunchy salad on the side. That is unrivaled in every way!

    5. Pan Bagnat (French Tuna Sandwich)

    Best Collection Of Must-Try French Sandwiches While Traveling

    The area all around Nice, and particularly along the coast of France in the Mediterranean, is famous for its pan bagnet. In addition, the flavor of this cold sandwich improves with the passage of time, so the earlier you start preparing it, the better it will taste.

    To make a traditional French tuna sandwich, you’ll need some crusty bread, some good tuna in a can, and a few other great toppings. Due to the fact that it is tender and juicy, canned tuna that has been packed in olive oil comes highly recommended for use in this dish.

    It is crucial to let it sit for up to a day in order for the anchovies and olive oil to sink into the bread, and for the tomato and olive oil to mingle. Each bite is a complex flavor experience due to the combination of all the components.

    Pan Bagnat literally translates as “bathed bread,” which is a suitable name given that the baguette absorbs moisture from the contents. The end product is a delicious and spectacular sandwich that is stuffed with tuna that has been marinated, vegetables, anchovies, and sliced hard-boiled eggs.

    Pan Bagnat is cherished not only for the way it appears but also for the excellent flavor it possesses. Because it is necessary to let the sandwich rest in order to allow the flavors to combine, this is the ideal dish to prepare in advance.

    6. Ham And Cheese Croissants

    Best Collection Of Must-Try French Sandwiches While Traveling

    There is no other breakfast pastry in France that can compete with this magnificent ham and cheese croissant. This enticing sandwich will instantly take you to a bistro in France because to its warm, flaky croissant, which is stuffed with ham and cheese.

    This recipe can easily be executed without much difficulty. The trick is to bake the croissants for a few minutes in the oven so that the cheese can melt while the croissants become flaky. The end product is ham and cheese croissants of the highest quality and most lavish nature that you have ever tasted.

    You only need 10 minutes to prepare the filling for your croissants, which consists of slices of pink ham wrapped in Swiss cheese such as Emmental or Gruyère. By following these steps, the cheese will remain contained during the baking process. In addition to this, it is almost always more satisfying to see the cheese slowly drip out.

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